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Lorenzo Della Ragione was born in Genoa in 1977. ​

He began to approach photography at the end of the 90s when he was given his first analogue reflex camera, a Yashica FX-3 2000. Always passionate about auteur cinema, he began frequenting the "Effetto Notte" club in Genoa in the early 2000s which allowed him to approach the visual language of the great European filmmakers, a preparatory influence for his subsequent path. ​ At the Sivori Multifunctional Center (the oldest cinema in Italy) he began following the courses of the photographer Alberto Terrile for about 3 years, always preferring particular attention to the portrait. ​ In the following years he collaborates among others with Adaesse Atelier, Pure Beachwear, Sting Sport, Sabelli Hairlab, Eneles Management and musical groups such as the jazz group Gipsy Trojka, the prog group Ius Primae Noctis for which he takes care of the photographic part of the album "Istinto" (2020). ​ In the same period he published on, Air Magazine, Get Inspired, ArtAbout.


​In 2021 he started his zine"Galatea: Il mare visto e immaginato" where he shows his love for the sea.At the endo of 2023 he published the 3° number of the zine.




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